60 Minute Business Mentor Session

60 Minute Business Mentor Session

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Hi! I'm Anaita, the founder of 2 successful e-commerce businesses and author of Sell Anything Online. I am also a Guest Lecturer at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

After growing a large audience and mentoring so many small business owners, some of the most common questions I am asked are:

"Can you review my website and tell me what to improve?"

"Which Google Ads should I run?"

“What should I post on Instagram everyday?”

"Can you please help me to make some sales? I'm struggling with everything!"

The answers to these questions are not a one-size-fits-all!

This is why I thought of the ideal way to help as many people as possible, and that was by offering one-on-one mentoring sessions to help small online businesses with the exact challenges they’re facing, provide action points in real-time, and give those business owners the guidance and direction in online marketing which I never had.

For each business owner, I will talk through the formula of how to make sales everyday - from brand awareness all the way to website optimisation. Each session is tailor made for every business. 

What you get:

  • Actionable tips and hacks to boost your online sales.
  • Advice, guidance and solutions to your current business challenges.
  • High-level strategic advice about your business, and ways to generate more growth long-term.
  • Business homework (which is more fun than it sounds)

How it works:

  • After ordering your 1-hour session, I’ll contact you to co-ordinate a time to meet using Google Meet or Zoom.
  • I’ll send you a questionnaire about your business. These questions make sure you can provide me with as much information as possible before we meet.
  • The business information you provide allows me to do some research prior to our session, make notes, come up with fresh ideas, and have plenty of actionable tips ready for our meeting.
  • We meet!
  • We become business BFFs.

The best part:

  • It's tax-deductible!

Customer Reviews

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Angela @ Studio Blue
Wow...just, wow!

I am beyond impressed with Anaita and her 60 Minute Business Mentor Session. This was easily the most comprehensive meeting which was chock full of actionable items and SUPER well organized. She really takes the time to get to know your business prior to the meeting and the way she sets everything up makes it less daunting and super doable. Unlike many other "courses" I have purchased in the past, this meeting was FAR superior. Firstly, it's one on one so you're getting undivided attention that's laser-focused on YOUR business. Secondly, it's extremely thorough, not just vague ideas of "just do this or that". I was so pumped after our session I immediately implemented several of the changes and additions she suggested and am in the process of getting the rest completed. I'm sure that once I've completed all of my tasks I'm going to see some great results. I'm so happy I came across her site. Seriously, the best $ I have spent for business advice, and I have been doing this for over 26 years! 5 Stars all the way! Thank you Anaita!