About Anaita

Who am I?

...and more importantly, why should you read my book?

Anaita sarkar

I'm Anaita, a thirty-something, mum of 3, who started and grew 2 e-commerce businesses.
I was able to take a tiny lounge-room business and turn it into a 100-orders-a-day company. I used the same strategies to start and grow my second business which is now turning over $3 million in just over 2 years. 
I started the businesses for 2 reasons: I never wanted to work for anyone (ever again) and I wanted to make enough money so that my husband could leave his full time role and help me in the business. I have managed to do just that.
I wrote this book to help small business owners take their current business and grow it to over 10 orders a day using a marketing formula I used for both businesses. 
I really believe that you can sell absolutely anything online! 
Hope you enjoy the book!
Anaita x