The Best Marketing Tools for Your E-Commerce Store

The following tools and platforms are the ones that I have tried, tested, and loved. They have helped scale my e-commerce stores to over 200 orders a day.

Website Platform:

Regardless of how big or small your business is, my favourite website platform is and always will be Shopify. It is by far the best e-commerce website platform and helps you with SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads. Not only that, but it has the largest range of apps to add to your site. 

Best Shopify App to increase conversion rates:

The Shopify App that increased my sales by 300% is Monster Upsells. If you have Shopify and you're not using this app, you must download it. It works by increasing average order values and providing cart incentives. It is absolutely my favourite app. You also get 5% off! You can try it for free for 10 days.

Website Conversion Tool:

The best way to sell your product is through description videos. Go Tolstoy allows you to record a series of videos to help your customers make a purchase. Want to see it in action, just have a look at the video playing in the bottom left of my website. This tool helped triple my conversion rate. And the best thing? It's totally free. 

SEO Platform:

If you've ever watched my videos or heard me speak, you'll know that SEMRUSH is my all time favourite SEO tool. It allows you to audit your website, check your speed, see what keywords you rank for and check out your competitors. 

But it also allows you to see keyword gaps, find new backlinks, see where competitor traffic comes from, and plan social posts. 

It is an incredible tool. SEO agencies cost around $2000-5000 per month. This tool is $200 per month. It will single handedly get you ranking high on Google. 

Go and do the free trial to check it out.