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Hi! I'm Anaita, the founder of 2 successful e-commerce businesses and author of Sell Anything Online. I am also a Guest Lecturer at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

After growing a large audience and mentoring so many small business owners, some of the most common questions I am asked are:

"Can you review my website and tell me what to improve?"

"Which Google Ads should I run?"

“What should I post on Instagram everyday?”

"Can you please help me to make some sales? I'm struggling with everything!"

The answers to these questions are not a one-size-fits-all!

This is why I thought of the ideal way to help as many people as possible, and that was by offering a one-on-one marketing call to help small online businesses with the exact challenges they’re facing, provide action points in real-time, and give those business owners the guidance and direction in online marketing which I never had.

What you get:

  • A 1 on 1, 60 minute phone call with me to ask me anything you like about your business and marketing
  • Actionable tips and strategies on how to grow and scale your business
  • A business bestie!

How it works:

  • After ordering your 1-hour session, I’ll contact you to co-ordinate a time to meet
  • I'll send you a quick form to complete about your business
  • We meet!
  • We become BFFs.

The best part:

  • It's tax-deductible!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gary Raslan
Highly Recommend

It was great to meet with Antia. I trusted what she said and that proved to be the right choice down-to-earth, friendly and she genuinely care about her clients personally and professionally.
She is on top of her game

Cecilia Distefano
Jam packed and full of value!

My hour with Anaita was incredible - she came so prepared and gave me useful tips and insights that were tailored to me and my business. She helped me uncover some blind spots I hadn’t even thought of and showed me new avenues to really propel my business forward. Couldn’t recommend this enough - thank you Anaita!!

Diana Salvati
Wonderful Experience

Anaita was VERY prepared for our call and gave us valuable advice on how to drive traffic to our site, social media, SEO, and marketing. I’ve slowly been implementing her advice and refer back to our call notes all the time. She’s a lovely person, full of knowledge, and I’d highly recommend her services to anyone who has an online business.

Amazing value!

Anaita is just a vault full of knowledge. I’m just starting out on my current business and needed someone to help me with that. She gave me so many actionable tips and tricks. It was also so nice to be able to discuss my plans for my business and where I would like to go with it, and get her opinion. My business is in a vastly different field from the ones she run but Anaita was still able to provide me with actionable next steps. Thank you Anaita for being my business bestie!

Exceeded my expectations

If you're a small business owner on Instagram or TikTok then you're bound to have come across people wanting to sell you a service that promises the world. Teaching people how to make money is the best money making business so needless to say I'm sceptical of anyone that's offering a service to get more sales, more followers etc. I recently joined TikTok and stumbled on Anaita's content. Being a millennial that's used to Instagram I was am even more sceptical of self-proclaimed experts on this platform trying to sell me a service. However Anaita's content is different and on doing some research and I found out that she's a legit businesswoman. This is important to me because as a former lawyer I want advice from someone with real world experience not someone that's learned how to master a social media algorithm.

If you're here then you've probably gleaned lots of useful information from Anaita's content and her relatable and actionable tips and wondering what to do next. If you're looking to get all that wealth of information and experience applied to your business then the next step would be to book a call with her.

This is the first person that I don't know from the internet who I've given money to and I was more than blown away by the service. Anaita came prepared with actionable advice that was customised for my business as well as a healthy dose of confidence and support in what I was doing. Her advice gave me the permission I needed to get over myself and start putting in the work. In one week I increased my followers by 1,500 on Instagram and I'm on may way to setting up a passive income stream! I can't thank you enough and I'm sure we will be speaking again soon.